SPAM… it just gets worse!

July 23, 2008

Today, whilst waiting for a confirmation email from Amazon I received the following email message in my mailbox:

Subject of Email:   “Angelina Jolie seen with Justin Timberlake on Monoco yacht.”

So I (curiously and rather stupidly) open the email message…

Message content:  “Zoo keeper found sexually assualted by Monkeys!

WTF! … It makes no sense. At least keep the whole email relevant to the subject… jeez!


BSCI Starts now

July 23, 2008

Okay, so I finally received my Cisco Press Offical CCNP study guide books and am ready to roll.  It’s been a year since I passed the CCNA exam so I guess I am going to be a bit rusty… although not too much since I deal with Cisco gear on a daily basis at work.  It’s been a frustrating week. I have, while waiting for the CCNP books arrive, been skimming the pages of the various CCNA books that I have and my old notes but can’t seem to get focused on a particular subject area.  I feel the I need to obviously freshen up on routing protocols since I have attacking BSCI first but  I keep losing interest at RIP and EIGRP… I have though just started to read the BSCI study guide by Cisco Press and have skipped to OSPF first.  I feel I more comfortable with OSPF since I am currently running it on my home lab.  Actually the routers and switches in the lab have the same configs that I left them on after finishing the CCNA!  I think I need to give myself a kick up the backside and start getting into the study habit…  Tomorrow I will go in-depth into OSPF and will hopefully post some of my notes up.

Response to the call…

July 16, 2008

Greetings.  I have started this blog as a direct response to a call from popular CCNP Blogger, Aragoen Celtdra.

Recently Aragoen posted a blog entry on Route My World (which by the way is an execellent blog which I have followed since his CCNA progress) calling out to fellow CCNP candidates to share their knowledge, experience and progress in their journey to be CCNP certified.

I hope to start making regular updates and hopefully contribute something.  Watch this space!